Can you imagine your curious, playful toddler withdrawing into silence?  Your babbling, energetic 2 year old drifting into a world you cannot reach?  This is what many parents are experiencing.

Autism is the fastest growing developmental disability. Scientists continue to struggle to discover the causes and find cures of this epidemic. It is a complex condition.  But the children who live with autism today cannot wait.

Parents know the urgency. Most do everything within their power, including selling their home, moving to a state with better services, changing careers for better insurance… only to find out…

It. Is. Not. Enough.

Imagine A Way stands in the gap for these families.  And when you open your heart and contribute monthly to Imagine A Way, you join us there.  Together, we can offer families what they alone cannot grasp.  Together, we can change the trajectory of a child’s life!

Meet some of our children and consider becoming a sponsor and make a life-changing difference!

Cannon Levi Mara
Joshua Quintin & Juniper